Hem Paikaray

Hem Paikaray

Digital Marketing Head

Hemanta Paikaray

Hemanta Kumar Paikaray, fondly known as Hem Paikaray. It’s interesting to know his fond name more than his real one, as he’s popular by this identity. He is a seasoned Digital marketing professional with experience that spans more than a decade. He is currently Head of Digital Marketing at Kaustav DreamWorks Pvt Ltd (AAO TV) which is Odisha’s first-ever Independent Odia Video Streaming App.

His passion is to drive cutting-edge digital marketing solutions and bring strategic planning to businesses, spread across different industry segments. His core expertise is in search engine marketing and social media marketing whether it is paid search or organic search; however, he prefers to work on organic search. He is best known for his innovative ideas that ensure the success of online marketing campaigns. Magic of his pedigree is that he can market you beyond your geo-locality and expectations within a certain frame of time.

“Think about what the user is going to type”

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