Mr. Ranajit Mohanty

Mr. Ranajit Mohanty

Chief Creative officer

Ranajit mohanty

Ranajit Mohanty, Chief Creative Officer of AAO TV, an indigenous OTT originated from Odisha. All the creative decisions regarding OTTs look & feel, viewer experience, streaming ready packaging of the contents, choosing, acquiring, commissioning of fresh contents, leading the creatives of in-house and AAO Original contents, doctoring the scripts and creative directing few contents, etc.

  • A filmmaker since 1995, A Graphic Novelist, educationist, Copywriter, Editor, Maker of First Documentary on Indian Animation, Selected to Berlinale Talent Campus in 2004,
  • Founder of PACAD Animation Studio, Anicubes and PACAD Comics that produced so many short animated films, ad films, comic books, Graphic Novels, Interactives, etc…
  • Winner of a National Level Award for an Animated Short Film [2D], A state Level Jury Award for a Clay animated short film.
  • Ranajit also have produced and directed 30-40 Non fictions, Fictions, few small series, few Training Videos, some Ad films and infographic videos for corporate and social messages.
  • Conceived and Published SRIJAMYAHAM, A graphic novel series in Pattachitra form for the 1st time.


To Produce international content in animation/live action as my footprints
Create Animation Hub in Odisha, the eastern province of India and giving an emerging direction to the generations of artists, craftsmen and creative community that is surviving on their forms for thousand years
Erect an Animation Park and few content based theme park at the coastal part of Eastern India

Specialties: Writing, Visualisation, Lense memory visualisation, Storyboarding, Miniature Photography, Stop-motion and other forms of animation, Compositing, Editing, Production designing & Management.

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